About Us


The Pontifical Mission Societies have the common aim of assisting the Holy Father, in spreading missionary awareness Tamong priests, religious, adults and children; encouraging aid to the poor, and gathering financial support for different projects in third world countries. The funds collected in Malta and Gozo by the Pontifical Mission Societies are sent directly to mission dioceses in need, as instructed by our head office in Rome. The principal activities of the PMS are to promote awareness of, and raise funds for, the worldwide missionary and pastoral work of the Church.

“The PMS is established in 159 countries. Different offices work in close collaboration to provide the relevant aid and financial support for each of the Church’s 1,069 mission dioceses.”


Whilst each society has its unique charism and focus, they share these values:

The witness and sharing of the Gospel message of God’s unconditional acceptance and love for all

Fidelity to the spirit of the founders by responding with openness and consideration to the requests of the Christian faithful worldwide.

Offering every Christian the opportunity to reach out to others with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and learn from each other the true meaning of life in Christ;

The spiritual, practical and material support for faith communities, enabling them to become self-sufficient, and flourish in their own right.


To accomplish this, the Pontifical Mission Society:

  • constantly educates to increase missionary awareness, encouraging prayer and cooperation in the whole Church;
  • works through parishes, schools and other Catholic institutions nationwide to promote the work of the PMS;
  • encourages participation in the mission of the Church through prayer, generous sacrifice, voluntary work and the financial support of our sister churches overseas;
  • guarantees an effective collection of funds in both dioceses of Malta and Gozo and throughout the world;
  • distributes these funds directly to local bishops in every mission diocese in the world, according to the specific needs that they have identified;
  • practises the highest standards of accountability and transparency towards donors, recipients and all those involved in working for the PMS.