Children Helping Children

Deeply affected by the distress of Chines children abandoned in the streets, Bishop Charles de Forbin-Jason was moved to found a similar society to the Propagation of Faith but for children.

forbinHe was convinced that even though the children were weak and in need of care, they too can aid others. Bishop de Forbin-Jason believed that children rich in faith and love are capable of playing an important role in the Church’s mission and even serve as a means to stir adults in showing the same generosity towards others.

He shared his vision with Pauline Jaricot were she encouraged him to promote this concept in France. On 19th of May 1843, he called his first meeting and set out to establish the new society by encouraging children to help other less fortunate children around the world. Thus the unique concept of children helping children was born. It spread out not only through France but all over Europe, Asia, America and even Africa. This growth then resulted in the Society being raised to the status of ‘Pontifical’ in 1922 by Pope Pius XI.

Whilst spreading awareness of the needs of young children in poor nations, the Society’s aim is to invite youngsters to pray and offer financial aid to their brothers and sisters in need, so that they as well may learn about God and experience in one way or another his love and care.

Thus under the banner “ children helping children”, monies raised through schools are directed towards self-help programs involving the building of schools, provision of health and nutrition programs and medications, school fees, and teaching and learning resources.