One Off Donation

Your donation can be used towards any of our projects such as the building of homes, churches, hospitals and seminaries, and also as emergency aid in case of natural disasters.

Funds will also be used for pastoral projects consisting of catechetical formation, purchasing of food, medicines and other initiatives for the benefit of the people.

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Make a Child Smile

As a benefactor you can also donate for projects which are directly related to children. Such initiatives include educational, medical welfare and pastoral projects in the poorest areas of the world.

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Sponsor a Seminarian

The Pontifical Mission Societies in Malta and Gozo offers a sponsorship scheme for eight seminaries.

Donors who wish to provide the subsidy for a seminarian’s final four years of study become sponsors. Sponsors are given the name and photo of a seminarian and asked to pray for him, and he for them but they may also correspond if they wish.

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Mass Stipend

The requested offering for each Mass is € 5

The benefits of each Mass are infinite and include the whole world. Those who have holy Mass offered, and those for whom a Mass is offered, partake in a special way of the grace of the Eucharistic sacrifice. Throughout the centuries, Catholics have followed the custom of requesting that Mass be celebrated for themselves, or for loved ones, living or deceased.

Mass Offerings



Everyone over the age of 18 should have a current legal Will. However, many people die without a Will and this causes difficulties for those who have to deal with the Estate settlement whilst grieving.

Having a current, up-to-date Will protects your assets and ensures they pass to the beneficiaries of your estate after death in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you have already included Missio Malta in your will, please tell us as we would like to acknowledge, discreetly, all bequests, large and small, as a most generous gift to the Catholic Mission.



Malta Missjuanrja

The main publication of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Malta, is the ‘Malta Missjunarja’. A 40 page full colour magazine full of information of the Catholic Missions Worldwide.


 Tfal Missjunarji

Tfal Missjunarji is a very appealing, colourful and animated 16 page magazine for Children. The price for 8 issues is €5. It is the only magazine in Maltese in Malta and Gozo.