World Mission Sunday 2014

You give them something to eat.

Lk 9;13

This year parishioners are invited as part of the Missio World Mission Sunday, to reach out in support of the brothers and sisters in Ethiopia and around the world.

Struck by recent tragedies of drought and famine, communities in remote southern Ethiopia are teetering on the brink between malnutrition and starvation. With limited access to food supplies, health and education, their cry for help, both physical and spiritual, clamours across the oceans.

In the spirit of one universal Church, we invite you to support the
crucial work of dedicated missionaries, priests and catechists who reach out daily to their communities` needs. When asked about his mission, Sr. Maureen said:

I know the theme of the Catholic Mission (Missio) is ‘All may have life and have it to the full’, I guess that`s why we are here, trying to bring life to the full, to those who have to struggle for existence.

Dynan 4023

Thus as Fr. Yisehak Yacob, a young Ethiopian priest, says:

As Jesus reminds us to be a friend of the friendless, to be close to the ones who are alone and who feel lonely, Jesus also invites us to feed the hungry. Jesus asks us to be open to our brothers and sisters who are in need of our help.