Parish Kit

The theme of this year’s Missio World Mission Appeal, ‘You Give Them Something to Eat’, is taken from the gospel of St. Luke when Jesus commands the apostles to feed thousands of people after he stopped teaching them. This command, today, is still on. 

This appeal invites parishioners across Malta to reach out through their financial gifts and prayers to support the crucial work of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, and dedicated missionaries like Sr Maureen and Fr. Jieshak, in helping people seeking a new future through the power of education and the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Parishioners are also encouraged to consider how this appeal is a concrete way to respond to the invitation by Pope Francis to participate in the mission of the Church to ‘go forth’, and to share with others your faith, hope and evangelising charity.

Together we can help Ethiopia and other countries, and throughout the world, grow up to be fully alive, and achieve their dreams of a positive and hope-filled future.


The parish poster features Dawit*, a young boy from the Dadim Catholic School in the Hawassa
Diocese in southern Ethiopia.

Ravaged by recent drought and famine, hundreds of thousands of people in this area, including
Dawit, his family and his community, have been left vulnerable to malnutrition and starvation.
Because of the nomadic lifestyle of Dawit’s people and their constant search for food and water for
their livestock, the school saw a large drop in the number of children attending school as the crisis
hit last year.

Since September 2011, with support from Missio Malta, the Diocese has been able to increase their emergency food and health programs, reaching out to people affected and at risk of malnutrition. 

Today, Dawit is one of 400 children at the school who receives a daily meal of corn and beans thanks to this life saving program. This is often his only meal of the day. What is more, thanks to the feeding program more children stay in school and concentration levels have increased as they finally have the energy they need to learn. Other vital parts of the Diocesan-run health and emergency program include continual monitoring, screening and food distribution for children below 12 years of age, with special attention given to children under five, plus pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It only costs 35 cents to feed Dawit for one day–that is just €140 to feed all 400 students at the Dadim Catholic School for one day. Together we can feed them…body and soul.

*Name has been changed to protect his identity.

Click here to download pdf version of the poster

Parish Bulletins

Bulletin notices have been created to help your parish promote this year’s Missio World Mission Appeal. Parish bulletins are an effective method to inform parishioners about the upcoming appeal, and a nice way to thank them for their generosity and support following the appeal weekend.

Click here to download the bulletin notices.


The 8 minute DVD “You give them something to eat” will give parishioners a deeper understanding of the work of Missio Malta. Throughout the DVD we meet Australian missionary Sister Maureen Elliott and young Ethiopian priest Father Yisehak Yacob. 

Through their stories we gain real insight into the challenges faced by local communities as a result of
the recent drought and famine, the critical work of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia and the joy Christ is bringing to these remote communities.

The DVD is an excellent information and fundraising resource for your Missio Malta Church Appeal.

Options for use of the DVD include:

  • When there is no guest speaker the DVD can be presented after the Gospel as a complement
    to the homily.
  • Where there is a guest speaker, the speaker can use the DVD as part of their presentation.
  • If time does not permit showing the DVD, it can be presented at the end of Mass in the church hall or appropriate venue.
  • In addition to any of the above, the DVD can be used in church meeting or prayer groups.

Click here to download the long version.

Click here to download the short version.