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Missio envisions a world without injustice and barriers where everyone can grow sustainably and live in full dignity. To make this vision a reality, we use your support to build schools, provide educational materials, create sustainable food programs and provide hope to communities and individuals in over 160 countries.

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Our History

Missio is the international mission agency of the Catholic Church in Malta. Compelled by the message, life and love of Jesus Christ, Missio forms the Maltese for mission and raises funds for mission in Malta and around the world. Much before the set-up of Missio as we know it nowadays, the Church in Malta used to help the missions through the Archbishop’s Curia. Donations used to be collected for the Pontifical Mission Societies and sent to France, from where the societies originated. These funds were then distributed among those in need.

On 3rd May 1922, Pope Pius XI issued a document in which he expressed his desire of organizing these societies in a way that in every diocese there would be an office directly depending on the Congregation for Missionary Work in Rome. This led to the appointment of Mgr. Alfonso Agius as the first president of the Central Council in Malta on 26th April 1931. He chose a committee to help him in this work.

Six months later, the first review of our magazine Malta Missjunarja was published. The aim of this review was to give information about the Missions, their situation and their needs, and the sacrifices and hardships endured by the missionaries. The price of an annual subscription was one shilling (€ 0.12).

Around 1935, we were offered a room in the Empire Press at 226, St. Paul’s Street, Valletta and after two months’ time it was operational. We began to work hard to find benefactors, and during the war, all the money collected for the missions was sent to countries that formed part of the British Empire.

From October 1944 the magazine Malta Missjunarja began to be published monthly and had a circulation of 8,000 copies.

During April 1955, we transferred from the room in St. Paul’s Street to new offices in Merchants Street, Valletta, from where we still operate today.

During 2004 our offices were fully refurbished and computer systems were also installed. In 2007, we launched our very own website and construction works were also carried out so that we could offer a new modern conference hall.

The Malta Missjunarja magazine also encountered many changes such as its transformation to full colour, the introduction of new interesting sections and a section dedicated entirely to children, containing original drawings made specifically for the magazine. To this day, Malta Missjunarja is still the leading mission awareness magazine with up to date information and a fresh modern look.

In October 2007, we took over the religious shop Cordina’s Emporium and changed the name to FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY – The Missions’ Gift Shop and by 2010 it became one of the leading religious shops in Malta.

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