Missio Children is part of our organization where children from Malta join forces with other boys and girls around the world to help other children that are in need. This foundation was founded in 1843 by Charles de Forbin Janson in France and is the largest children’s foundation in the world. We encourage children to pray for each other, especially for those living in fear, in war, poverty and injustice. Through this foundation, children in Malta help support projects run by missionaries un underdeveloped countries.

'Missio Tfal' Club

The children who join our club will be participating in our activities that we organize from time to time in aid of the missions. Some may opt to join our choir for animation during Mass or Missio activities like Notte Bianca and carol singing. In summer they can come to our crafts sessions and take part in plays that we organize in aid of Missio during the Mission Month.

We meet every month and in our meetings the children themselves organize their own activities. It is also an opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions in missionary countries. They also become aware of the difficulties children from missionary countries face in their everyday life.

Our aim is that together we relate with the children from different countries around the world. We learn and understand their tradition and cultures. Together we can be children helping children for a better world, a better future for all the children in the world. If you would like to join our club just fill in the form and join online.

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Star Singing

One activity that we organize at Christmas time is Star Singing. The children dress up as Kings, representing the three Kings that came from different parts of the world to meet Jesus. They followed a star that took them to Jesus. Jesus is our star, so let’s follow the star, Jesus. This is from where the name ‘Star Singing’ is derived from. This year we will be organizing this activity in different localities around Malta. We will join other children from the different localities and sing against a donation. All donations gathered will be in aid of Missio. We all sing, have fun and help. Those who want to join our choir can call Nancy on +356 21236962 or send an email to [email protected]

'Tfal Missjunarji' Magazine

This magazine is issued monthly. It is given for free to every student in every school to spread our missionary message. This is also to keep the children informed about our activities. It has also stories from the missionary lands. In this way children can learn about the circumstances, the cultures and tradition from the missionary lands