The region of Tamil Nadu, south east of India was greatly hit by cyclone Gaya in November 2008. The local community was severely damaged, having around 378,000 forced from their homes, 117,000 huts and homes damaged together with broken electricity supply, uprooted coconut trees and agricultural produce, damaged fishing boats amongst others that affected community life. Fr Susai reached out to Missio Malta for help to restore some homes. So far residents are doing their utmost to build their home back with materials they find.

Having received the call for help from missionaries in Tamil Nadu to restore homes due to cyclone Gaya, Missio organised a number of fundraising activities with restaurants in 2019. The events included live music pianist and guitarist to entertain the people during lunch and creating awareness to donate for this cause. Works were held in Summer 2019 and funds raised helped repair 5 homes.

Some of the families that were helped include:

  1. Family of Mr. MuthuKannu s/o Selvam, kottapattu, Avoor. He lives with his family of three small children and his wife along with his father and mother who are elderly. His tiled roof house was badly damaged by the cyclone. Due to this there was the chance that the roof collapses, therefore the family lived in the open space facing a lot of hardships. With the little money he had, he laid the foundation for the new house and was waiting for help from someone to complete it. Through the funds raised Missio Malta assisted this family together with others. The whole family experienced tremendous joy and they express their gratitude to Missio Malta and the sponsors.
  2. Family of Jeya Juqaline Somarasampettai, Avoor. The family was very poor and they were living in a hut with no walls but thatched covers to protect them. Having thatched walls made of soft material, the cyclone heavily damaged the hut and the family were only able to repair the house again with the thatched materials.

Having a teenage daughter, the hut had very limited privacy. With Missio Malta support the family could build a proper home with stone walls on all four sides. The family now feel happy, well protected and with great joy and gratitude they send their greetings to the sponsors  and Missio Malta.