Wondering how you can help?

There are many ways you can get involved in Catholic Mission's life-changing work and make a difference locally or globally.

Volunteer with us

Christ has called us all to proclaim the Good News to the nations. Volunteering with Missio is a wonderful way to respond to this call.

Volunteers are needed to do work at our offices in Valletta, Mosta and Hamrun or from home.

To become a volunteer, please contact Natasha Farrugia on +356 21236962

Become an Animator

Could you be an Animator for Missio? We need lay people who can help our team to help us collect the money collection boxes, distribute ‘Malta Missjunarja’ magazine and deliver activity information at your locality.

As an Animator, you can support Missio in many ways. You may want to gather your parish community together to pray for world mission or fundraise for Missio by organising events. You may want to help by collecting the money boxes from your locality for us. However, you can help, the time you spend raising awareness of Missio’s work is of great value to the Church.

To become an Animator, please contact Natasha Farrugia on +356 21236962

Leave a legacy

Your impact on the world doesn't have to end with this lifetime. By remembering Missio Malta with a gift in your will, you can ensure that children, communities and Church leaders are well supported even after you have departed this life.

Including a gift to Missio Malta in your will enables you to fund the future missionary projects that aim to give life to the full for all people.

The impact of your legacy starts now. By providing a source of future funds, you allow missionaries to pursue their work with greater confidence today - helping them to bring aid to those in need, care to the sick, freedom to the oppressed and God's salvation to the world. And you are ensuring there will be others to follow in their footsteps. They mean we can plan long-term projects, like building clinics, orphanages, schools and chapels. They help us bring spiritual and practical support to families torn apart by war and conflict.

If you would like to talk in complete confidence about leaving a legacy to Missio, please call Our Director Mons. Valent Borg on +356 21236962. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] and we can send you our legacy leaflet, with no obligation.

The leaflet includes more information and advice as well as details of how to leave a legacy.


Pray for those in need from a selection of mission prayers - Pope’s Prayer Intention

Each month the Pope asks us to pray for an intention. All of the Holy Father’s intentions are provided for you here.