MISSIO makes a difference in the lives of people and communities in need by giving them aid so that they can have viable development. Our work is worldwide and mainly focused in the areas where it is needed the most like remote villages and under developed countries.

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    MISSIO FL-AZZJONI – FILIPPINI 2023 Dun Victor Agius Mill-ewwel sal-ħmistax ta’ Frar, jiena flimkien ma’ ħdax oħra morna nagħmlu esperjenza missjunarja fil-Filippini. Bħal oħrajn li bħalna marru u ġew lura mibdulin għax raw il-faqar u tant tbatijiet fost in-nies li żaru, aħna wkoll rajna dan u ħassejna qalbna tingħafas u staqsejna: “Għaliex tant tbatija? X’nistgħu…
  • Missio Malta hosts European Conference of Missio Directors
    A spirit of dialogue, inspired by the values of the Gospel Missio Malta welcomes the European Conference of Missio Directors in Malta This year MIssio Malta hosted the European Conferences of Missio Directors which was held in Malta between the 14th and 16th February, and brought together 28 Missio Directors from all over the European…
  • Missio Tfal at Chiswich School
    ‘You can always give something even if it is only kindness’.- Anne Frank This is the quote was an opening statement by Ms Fenech Adami in one of the Chiswick school assembly in January where I, as Missio Tfal Coordinator was invited to. Ms Audrey Fenech Adami, the head of school, explained that in November 2022 they celebrated ‘Children’s Day’

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