About MissioTfal

MissioTfal represents the Pontifical Holy Childhood, which is one of the pillars of the Pontifical Mission Society under the responsibility of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

The pedagogical intuition underlying MissioTfal is that children are recipients of missionary information through missionary animation delivered to them which helps  them develop as true missionary witness themselves in their local community. The aim of MissioTfal is that through missionary animation and formation, missionary consciousness among children is promoted. MissioTfal sows the seed of altruism, gratitude, appreciation and belief in themselves that they are capable of helping other children in need. This help is done through prayer, learning the gospel and taking part in activities which gives children in Malta an experience to bring out their talents and share them for the good of others.

This means that through MissioTfal children are given the opportunity to not only become exposed to the international cultures in developing countries, but also given the opportunity to act and become protagonists of positive change to address the needs of other children.

Nancy Camilleri is the coordinator of MissioTfal who together with Rafiki attends schools, children retreats and other places to tell children about the missionary cultures and countries. Nancy Camilleri has worked with children in the past years. We believe in the potential of children and that by being inspired and with good formation can make a difference in the world of other children, to be a light and hope to others less fortunate than them.  


Rafiki is the mascot of MissioTfal. He is a Macaw, a bird that lives in all countries that have missionary projects including those in the continent of Africa, Asia and South America. He is an informative beautiful bird with red, yellow, blue and green colours who tells missionary stories and lessons to children in schools.  


Dear Children,

Welcome to our MissioTfal section, the Maltese chapter for ‘Holy Childhood’, where together we can be children helping children for a better world, a better future for all the children in the world. Our aim is that together we learn, become aware of the difficulties children from missionary countries face in their everyday life and create ideas and sessions to help children in need.

We will be updating you with news, resources from which you can learn and activities that we will be organising in your schools and parishes.

This website will include resources and toolkits that will be also helpful for your teachers, catechists and those organising activities for children.


MissioTfal Coordinator

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