‘Raise and Celebrate’ are a selection of gifts in the form of missionary projects like books for children, wells for water, education and health and others as shown below. In your special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, amongst others special milestones celebrate with us and make a difference to marginalised communities. Choose a missionary project of your choice, and collectively with your friends and family they can contribute towards your chosen project to become a reality whilst you receive e-cards for your special occasion with personalised messages. Together we raise and celebrate!


Choose a missionary project of your choice from the list below.


Choose your celebration such as birthday or wedding.


You will receive a link from Missio Malta with your chosen project and celebration


Tell your friends about your celebration and chosen project by sharing the link on social media such as Facebook. Together they raise funds to help communities and you receive an e-card from them in your inbox with a personalised message for your celebration! Together Raise and Celebrate!

Choose your project below

Education | Target €100

We work with children.

A core part of the work of Missio Malta is the development and sustenance of children in some of the poorest communities around the world. Missio Child sponsorship brings hope for these children to embark on their learning journey which gives them the key for a sustainable future for them, their families and their community.

Covid | Target €200

Together we can help others around the World!

Apart from keeping safe and following medical guidelines, we can all do our part to fight against it. By fundraising for Covid-19 Emergency Solidarity Fund, you will be helping the poor with vital medical help including sanitizers and masks.

Farming | Target €400

We are what we eat.”

Over 1.1 billion people live in households that earn a dollar a day or less per person, which means these people live in absolute poverty. Agriculture and farms means income both for the farmers as well as food security, in terms of availability and range of food, for the villages.  The more support we give them in farming such as seeds, tools, the more nutritious and independent their lives will be!

Incubator | Target €800


With €150 you can provide an incubator to save babies, medicine for malaria and eye operations. Missio Malta supports health related projects to save lives!

Borehole | Target €2000

We work with communities

Missio Malta works with communities around the world to bring fullness of life to all people through water projects such as boreholes, wells amongst others to bring fresh water, hygiene storage of water for whole communities to thrive!

Missionary Experience| Target €800

Missionary Experience in the Philippines

A group of Maltese are going for a missionary experience in the Philippines with Missio Malta in February 2023.

Help in fundraising to support the eco farm project and to rebuild the seminary house that broke down because of a Volcano eruption and typhoons.

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