Missio VR is an outreach project aimed at using the latest Virtual Reality technology to reach out to volunteers to help and support Missio.

Sometimes the “Missions” feel so detached from our everyday life realities. Often the media itself does not help as it does display distorted images of what the missions are all about. Rather than humanizing reality Media often plays portrays the extremes giving a rather twisted picture of the missions.

The project Missio VR aims at using the latest VR and 360 video technology to offer a new engagement experience with potential volunteers and the general public, to experience life in the missions as close to reality as possible.

360 Video

360 video is immersive in nature, allowing the viewer to explore outside the frame and experience each story in a different way every time they view it. Compared to standard video, 360 videos can command more earned interactions, increase retention, and have a lasting impact.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Using Virtual Reality headsets and the latest 360 video technology footage supplied by Missio International, viewers using the headsets would be able to experience in immersive reality life in the missions.

They would literally be able to walk with the child being helped to attend school, walk through the clinic they will be helping build or renovate and meet the villagers they are helping get fresh water to.

Organizations wishing to book a presentation about Missio’s work in the missions using Missio VR , are kindly requested to send us an email on info@missio.org.mt

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