MISSIO makes a difference in the lives of people and communities in need by giving them aid so that they can have viable development. Our work is worldwide and mainly focused in the areas where it is needed the most like remote villages and under developed countries.

What’s On

  • Missio Christmas Message
    From Missio Director Mons. Valentino Borg “Glorja ’l Alla fl‐ogħla tas‐smewwiet u sliem fl‐art lill‐bnedmin li jogħġbu lilu.” (Lq. 2:14)
  • Animazzjoni missjunarja
    Nhar it-23 t’Ottubru, aħna ta’ Missio ġejna mistiedna għall-ġurnata fiċ-Ċentru tal-Vokazzjonijiet fis-Seminarju tal-Virtù. Kienet l-ewwel laqgħa fejn kien ser ikollna magħna l-bniet ukoll bl-għajnuna ta’ tliet sorijiet Salesjani.
  • House in Malawi
    In Malawi a house was constructed with the support of Missio Malta beneficiaries. Below is a letter from the missionary priest in Malawi to Missio Malta director Mons. Valentino Borg.

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