Life-Giving Gifts

Are you struggling to find a gift for special occasion for your loved one? Gift them the gift that gives back, with a life-giving gift. Life giving gift, offers a variety of sustainable mission programmes reaching out to children and those in need.

You can choose personalised ecards or printed cards to post to your family and friends which shows how their gift has made an impact. Examples of life-giving gift you can get for your loved ones is a one year education for a child or a goat for a community to provide milk 

Below you can browse the full range of life-giving gifts to purchase for your loved ones for their special occasion such as graduation, birthday, anniversary and many others! 

Purchasing a Life-Giving Gift as a present

Life Giving Gifts are a way to show your friends and family that you are thinking about them and a way to celebrate life with those in need.

Steps to send a Life Giving Gift:

  • Choose the life giving gift that will go to those in need eg; a chicken for a farm
  • Choose what special occasion your friend will be celebrating eg birthday, anniversary or graduation etc
  • You can personalise it with your own private message to your friend, to whom you will send the card
  • You can send the card as an e-card or/and by post to their home!
  • Your friend celebrating the special occasion will receive a card, and the person in need will receive the present on the card!

Full range of Life Giving Gifts here below:

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