Mission in Action. An encounter between people. Meeting people the way Jesus did, helps us understand and involve ourselves in Jesus’ mission. Encounter is recognising that all people around the world are our brothers and sisters, and by empathising with them and share their daily joys and sorrows, celebrating their richness and gifts and feeling for their pain.

Mission in action helps in creating a ‘culture of encounter’, where people are courageous to look beyond themselves to the needs of others and take action to address those needs.

Today we can create a culture of encounter and do our part by uplifting and contributing towards life-changing experiences to empower others.

Today we can do our part by daily prayer and be aware where we are all called and sent in our own way. We encourage you to get in touch with us and meet us to explore ways on how we can, together, help others.

Through this website you can put mission in action through praying, supporting projects and keeping yourself inspired and part of missionary action by reading the inspirations of the week.

Below are ways to put Mission in Action:

You can also be inspired for your everyday life by reading and applying the spiritual points and spiritual reflections

Prayer in action is love, love in action is service

Mother Theresa

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