TV Marathon on Saturday 11th March in aid of Missionary Projects

With your help during 2022, Missio Malta supported 120 projects worldwide in farming, health, education amongst many others areas.

These projects helped many communities and individuals to regain their dignity through meeting their basic present needs of nutrition, shelter, employment and education which increase the chance of sustainable future lives.

This year’s Marathon will showcase a number of projects that you have helped us to build and others that Missio Malta will implement in the coming years.

You can follow the marathon on 11th March on one of the Maltese TV stations starting from 11am to 11pm.

In the meantime, below are 2 missionary stories to be updated on missionary projects that will be showcased on #Hope MissioFest



Why help those with leprosy?

Every two minutes, someone is diagnosed with leprosy.

That’s more than 200,000 new cases a year.

Although it is curable, millions of people worldwide are living with the effects of the disease, from physical disability to mental health problems, poverty and discrimination.

Eliza is one of the victims of Leprosy and due to the disease stigma, she has suffered isolation, discrimination which led her, 30 years ago, to lose her full active life and role of motherhood to living a life of poverty on so many levels, including lack of food, lack of emotional and mental support whilst observing her body parts decaying and dying slowly.

Since the disease is highly infectious, she resigned to leave her children, family and community and go live in the outskirts of her village, depending on the little food people give her.

Eliza’s body started to itch profusely, and initially no one could tell what was wrong with her, however it didn’t take long before the first wounds associated with leprosy started to show up.

Eliza suffered greatly, and needlessly, especially since her disease could have been healed by antibiotics, which was not available.

Sister Rita found Eliza in very bad state and through healing she required surgical interventions, mainly to remove parts of her body that had reached an advanced stage of decay. Unfortunately, Eliza even lost sight in one eye.

There is now hope for people with Leprosy !

Missio Malta is supporting Sisters of Precious Blood in running the house for people with leprosy.

Eliza today lives with the Sisters of the Precious Blood, who healed her and are helping her live a life of dignity.

If people like Eliza been given the needed medical help in time, she would still be living with her family and loved ones, as she would have recovered in a short while.

You too can help these Sisters care for Eliza and many others like her, to cure people like Eliza on time which will increase their reintegration into society and live a more dignified life.




  • The largest and most populous country in East Africa with a population of 62 million
  • Around two thirds of the population are under 25 years, hence mortality rate is high and life expectancy is low.
  • Malaria is a leading killer of children under 5, while HIV is the main source of adult mortality.
  • In terms of per capita income, Tanzania is one the world’s poorest countries.
  • Tanzania cities such as the capital of Dar El Salaam has experienced economic growth in the past 10 years, however for many Tanzania’s they depend on agriculture, leaving Tanzanians particularly vulnerable to drought that effect the availability of food.
  • The government got support from the World Bank and created a social safety net by injecting funds for the education of children and health of the population which has helped in reducing extreme poverty. However, there are many others who are not yet reached..and for this ……

This year’s Marathon will support the children in Arusha, in order to help reduce poverty through education.

Facts about the Thomas Aquinas School

  • Secondary school of Thomas Aquinas in Arusha is a boarding school for boys which was built in 1967 and run by the monks of Holy Spirit.
  • From this school 50 students became priests including the Auxiliary Bishop of Arusha. Other students became doctors, teachers, architects, lawyers and political leaders.
  • number of teachers in the school are 11.

Goal of Project

  • to fund the maintenance of the school and building of news classrooms
  • to have an education which is more holistic including physical work, intellectual growth, socio cultural growth and also spiritual growth.
  • to have a fully functional school being build with materials that can withstand flooding

You can help this project from the donation lines below!




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