In Aid of Projects in the Missions 4th June 2022.

With your help during 2021, Missio Malta supported 120 projects worldwide in farming, health, education amongst many others areas.

These helped many communities and individuals to regain their dignity through meeting their basic present needs of nutrition, shelter and employment and others to ensure sustainable future lives such as education.

This year’s Marathon will showcase a number of projects that you have helped us to build and others that Missio Malta will implement in the coming years.

You can follow the marathon on one of the Maltese TV stations starting from 11am to 11pm.

In the meantime, below are 2 missionary stories to be updated on missionary projects that will be showcased on #Hope MissioFest

Project 1

Affordable healthcare is a right not a privilege

Robert Farrugia

Missio Head Communications and Fundraising

Case Story:




Eva Lost her Baby

Maternity Hospital


Uganda, Bugundi Community

Detailed Map of Africa Continent in Black Silhouette
Eva and her husband Willison

Last year Eva lost her baby since to get to the maternity ward she had to travel on motorbike for three hours on bumpy muddy roads!

 St Luke’s Hospital where she had to give birth has no ambulance and women like Eva have to either walk or travel unsafe journeys to get there.

The ambulance cost is around €52,000 and the Buguni community cannot afford to invest in one. 

With your support, we can together help the Buguni community where Eva lives to help pregnant women to travel to hospital by ambulance.

You can donate online from top right of this page. 

Thank you for your donations! 

Project 2

Tackling Malnutrition in Ethiopia through

Community Gardening

Case Story: Malnutrition children

Sector: Food

Project: Community Garden

Location: Ethiopia at Bushulo Health Centre

Africa Map showing Ethiopia – location of Bushulo Health Centre 

A few years ago during Christmas time Eunesh, together with her with her two young children, embarked on a three hour journey from her family’s hut in the Mountains of Hawassa, in Southern Ethiopia.

With her son and daughter suffering from malnutrition and no money to pay for a doctor or a nearby medical clinic, what should have been a joyful Christmas time, could easily have ended in tragedy during the ardous journey.

Eunesh was determined to reach the Bushulo Health Centre where she knew her children could receive the care they needed. Eunesh’s story seven years ago was one of heart ache and sheer desperation.

Today, thanks to the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, it is a story of life, health and hope due to the nutrition programme of Bushulo Health Centre which saved the lives of Eunesh’s children.

However, the Franciscan sisters know that malnutrition is an ever present challenge. In order to tackle severe malnutrition, the sisters go to the source of the problem by not only providing food but also giving knowledge about nutrition and teach them skills to grow their own food.

By donating on the donate button on top of this page you will be helping women and children who are most at risk of malnutrition through the Bushulo Community Garden Project.



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