Missio Lottery 2023


Few things make us feel better than winning at
something, be it sport or life! But helping others
can be just as satisfying – especially when we
know that our help, is changing lives of thousands
across the globe.
This is the basis of what Missio Malta stands for!
On the subject of winning, Missio Malta is once
again organising a great lottery, with amazing
prizes! So, by helping Missio you will be in the
chance of taking home some wonderful gifts!
Truly, WIN, WIN, WIN situation!

By contributing your donation to Missio, you can be the beacon of hope that restores faith in humanity across the globe. Our amazing people in Africa, Asia and South America are constantly working to improve the lives of people in developing nations. With your support, you can give the gift of eyesight to children in Mission countries and transform their lives forever

Arusha, Tanzania.- January 2, 2013: Children of Ilkidinga, Waarusha Masai village on the slopes of Mount Meru

What can you do to help?

You can help Missio provide communities with access to clean water through the construction of vital boreholes.
You can help Missio empower children through the gift of education, opening doors to a brighter and more promising future.
With your support, you can help Missio provide access to medicine where there is none. Your support goes a long way, and can truly change lives!
Help us by taking part in Missio Malta’s annual lottery. Apart from being in the chance of winning some amazing prizes, you will be helping people in Mission countries, the ultimate victory of all!


1st Prize

Mini Cooper Hatchback 3-Door*
Colour White/Black – Year of Manufacture: 2020

*A ‘second hand’ car with low mileage of only 1,543km

2nd Prize

Thermomix TM6 Black Sparkle (Limited Edition) for the value of €1,550 with more than 90,000 recipes and over 30 functions for automatic cooking.

V.M.6 Ltd. 87, Triq il‑Kappillan Mifsud,
il‑Ħamrun. MOB: 79474008.

3rd Prize

A ‘Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage’ water purification system for the value of €350. This compact device ensures the purest drinking water by removing contaminants and impurities. It comes with a two-year warranty, which covers parts and labour.

Bajada New Energy, 42 B Marsa Industrial Estate MRS3000.
Tel: 2180 7123

4th Prize

Black Coccinelle Handbag for the value of €350.

5th Prize

Black Michael Kors Handbag for the value of €250.

6th Prize

Weekend break for two persons for the value of €200

7th Prize

Weekend break for two persons for the value of €200

8th Prize

Jewellery set for the value of €200.

9th Prize

€100 voucher redeemable at Faith Hope & Charity.

10th Prize

Meal for two persons for the value of €80

11th Prize

Meal for two persons for the value of €80

12th Prize

€50 voucher redeemable at Faith Hope & Charity.

Missio Lottery 2023 Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is organized by Missio Malta VO/1178.
  2. This competition is being organized under the MGA lottry guidelines with the identification number MGA/NPG/216/2023.
  3. To enter the competition and be eligible to win the prize, participants must be 18 years of age or older and resident of Malta.
  4. All entry tickets must arrive at Missio Malta, No. 7, Merchants Street, Valletta VLT 1171 by 10th December 2023.
  5. The competition is not open to Missio Malta employees or members of their immediate family.
  6. The competition will take place between 1st September and 10th December 2023.
  7. Prizes to be awarded shall be as per list attached.
  8. All prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. Draw date is 15th December 2023, at noon at We Studios, no.9 Triq l-Iskultur, Qormi.
  10. The winners will be contacted on the landline/mobile number provided on entry ticket.
  11. To claim the prize, the winner must provide a valid identification document that matches the name on his/her entry and must produce a valid ID Card.
  12. Fill in name and telephone/mobile number on the coupons found in this brochure. It is important that the coupons are filled in a way that can be read. Each coupon is worth €2, but if you fill in all 14 coupons, the payment is €22, meaning you have 3 coupons for free.
  13. Payment must be made by Cheque payable to Missio Malta if the amount is €22 or more*. Other amounts may also be paid through our website www.missio.org.mt/lottery2023.
  14. More tickets can be downloaded from www.missio.org.mt/lottery2023 or call on 21236962.
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