Missio Malta leads international childhood missionary meeting in Romania

Ms Nancy Camilleri, who currently is President of the international conference, stressed the value of cooperation

Missio Malta has led the bi-annual meeting of representatives of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood in Europe which was held in Romania, Bulgaria between the 7th and 11th April.

Missio Malta currently holds the presidency of the conference, with Ms Nancy Camilleri, Malta’s Coordinator for Missio Tfal, being President for the upcoming two years. Rev. Victor Agius, National Director of Missio Malta also attended the conference.

In her opening address, Nancy Camilleri underlined the importance of cooperation, which was chosen as the focus for the conference. “We must converge our energy to explore innovative ways to evangelise children and instil in them a missionary spirit,” Nancy Camilleri said.

“It is imperative that we unite in collaborative efforts, drawing upon the strengths and resources of various partners such as schools, churches, NGOs, and institutions dedicated to children’s well-being and spiritual growth. Together we can engage in meaningful dialogue with children from different faith backgrounds because our primary objective is to extend love, compassion, and faith to children and families in need worldwide.”

The meeting which was organised by the Romanian Pontifical Mission Societies in collaboration with “Conférence Enfance Missionnaire de l’Europe” (CEME), provides a platform for collaboration and dialogue between some 50 delegates from across the European continent.

Referring to the Gospel, Nancy Camilleri noted how the value of cooperation was central to Jesus’ teachings. “The essence of cooperation is deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus, emphasising unity, support, and harmonious relationships. Jesus exemplified the power of collaboration through His ministry, emphasising generosity, healing, and the interconnectedness of His disciples. Today, our theme of ‘Cooperation’ is not merely a suggestion but a divine mandate, echoing Jesus’ call for unity and collaboration in spreading healing and love.”

Nancy Camilleri also made reference to Pope Francis’ Perspective on the subject, viewing it as a powerful tool. “Pope Francis, termed cooperation as a ‘miracle’. He emphasised that cooperation acts as a transformative force, breaking down barriers of indifference and exclusion, particularly benefiting the most vulnerable in society,” she said.

Together with Ms Camilleri, the conference was also addressed by Sister Roberta Tremarelli, Secretary General of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood. A workshop on the importance of Prayer Spaces was delivered by guest speakers Rev. Reuben Gauci and Silvana Cardona. The Metropolitan Archbishop of Romania, Aurel Percă, presided over the Eucharistic celebration on 9th April.

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