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Are you concerned about poverty, the environment, and children in need? Would you like to contribute towards a more dignified, sustainable society towards marginalised communities and those in need? 

You can be a missionary from our homeland with others close to us, and with people in need around the world. This section will guide you how Missio Malta approaches missionary activity which is inspired by the Gospel and life of Jesus as explained as a process in the sections, ‘looking’, ‘loving’ and ‘action’. You will also be guided and inspired to how you can help from previous volunteers and projects.  

Any help, even if on a small scale and in any form, material or spiritual, can make a whole difference in someone else’s life.

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‘If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one’.

Mother Theresa

You can make a difference in the following way:

You can also be inspired for your everyday life by reading and applying the spiritual points and spiritual reflections

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