Will you join the cause today and commit to making a difference for children in need in Pakistan?

Read below and kick some goals for good!   

“Sport is not only a form of entertainment, but also – and above all I would say – a tool to communicate values that promote the good that is in humans and help build a more peaceful and fraternal society.” Pope Francis

Sockoctober encourages us to engage with mission for children by using our heads to enquire about the reality of the world around us, using our hearts to feel empathy for those in situations of great need, and using our hands to take action for them in whatever way we are able.

Sockoctober is a celebration of and engagement with mission for entire school communities and nurseries! Sockoctober offers educators a wealth of resources to deliver the essential mission component of the Catholic curriculum for their students, while touching on other areas such as history, geography, physical education and humanities.

Through the powerful metaphor present in the world game of football, students experience the reality of other children in developing countries, learn their stories, and take concrete action to support them. Sockoctober provides young people with the opportunity to lead in mission, encouraging them to think not only of what they will do to help, but why they will do it.

Socktober Challenge

Your Mission Starts Here:

A Sockoctober Event is an opportunity for your schools and football nurseries to put faith into action by participating in the Sockoctober Shootout activity, interacting with fun workshops, and taking part in activities leading to Missio #hopefest month.

This event adds depth to children’s experience of mission and an understanding of how daily life is similar and different in countries around the world.

During the months of September and October (in our journey leading to Missio #hopefest) we will be partnering with football nurseries, providing all the necessary promotional and informative material to nurseries for participants to get a grasp of what’s expected of them. Each football team/ participant will work on the making of an actual football (from paper, recycled material etc) and then actually play on the day using the same ball!

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