A New Approach to Poverty

Pope Francis calls for a new development process in which the abilities of all are valued. Poverty is hidden in today’s society even amongst the rich, where today’s fast paced technocratic way of living makes the materially rich poor in companionship, love, emotional expression and inner peace. 

Disadvantaged people are not simply receivers, their dignity is restored when they are given space to give, and they know how to be generous. Pope Francis notes that they “often teach us about solidarity and sharing” . The ‘rich’ can benefit from the emotional wealth of the poor, if only they encounter each other in life. Pope Francis concludes that a:  “different approach to poverty is required”, one in which we are more conscious of being in a mutual exchange, one of dignity.  

If the Holy Spirit is at work, it makes us attentive to consider the other in a certain sense as one with ourselves. “This loving attentiveness is the beginning of a true concern for their person which inspires me effectively to seek their good” (Evangelii Gaudium, 198-199).[2]

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Self Reflection

Question 1: If our current approach to poverty has not yet solved poverty locally and globally, what in your opinion needs to be changed? 

Question 2: What forms of poverty to rich people suffer form and how might disadvantage people help to address them?

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