World Mission Sunday – 23rd October 2022

Bring hope to families in need!

Deberety Goat Rearing Centre in Ethiopia

Neela* worries deeply for her children, especially baby Ajani*. She starts each day unsure of how she will provide for her family, a reality that, alarmingly, is not hers alone.

With over 70% of households in Emdibir facing similar challenges, Fr Habte and the Church are desperate to come alongside their community and make a lasting difference for families like Neela’s.
In collaboration with the local community, Fr Habte has a vision of establishing a goat rearing centre that will provide nourishing milk for families in most need. 

However, this project is only possible with the partnership and support of people like you.

Establishing the Goat Rearing Centre means that Neela can access much needed support for her family, and that health problems like malnutrition are less likely to impact young children and babies like Ajani.

By supporting these stories, you are being a witness of Jesus Christ, as He has called us to be in Acts 1:8, which is also the World Mission Sunday message of 2022 held worldwide on the 23rd October

“You will be my Witnesses” Acts 1:8

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