HOPE #MissioFest & Missio Biography

HOPE #MissioFest 2022 & Missio Malta Biography

€ 430,642 were raised during the HOPE #MissioFest 2022 marathon. This was the seventh year of the marathon. The teleton was inaugurated by HE Mons. Anton Teuma, Bishop of Gozo as well as Mons Valent Borg, Missio Malta National Director. Donations towards the needs of the missions in developing countries were raised during a broadcast marathon, funds which will eventually be allocated to provide families and kids in remote villages with bicycles, school buildings and other necessities. 

Missio Malta’s HOPE #MissioFest is part of the organisation’s communication startegy which also included a televised programme ‘Ara Min mar’ which introduces the general audience to personalities and people who experienced missions first hand (both local and abroad), either for the long-term or a shorter period. Other TV production programmes are also in the works, including an upcoming innovative production whereby a solo travel will be visiting the continents and witnessing the projects supported by Missio Malta.  The purpose of such productions is two-fold; to provide benefactors with information and inform them as to where their kind donations are going, to give out other relative information.

This year, HOPE #MissioFest was even more special as Missio Malta celebrated 90 years since its inception in Malta. Throughout the televised marathon, Missio presented their projects throughout the past year as well as other projects happening in the near future. In addition, a number of skype links were with missionaries abroad were carried out for the general audience to get more familiar with the daily challenges of missionaries. For the 90th anniversary a video biography was also produced which highlight the work and milestones Missio achieved through the years.

The marathon was well-attended by the many people and organisations who got together to donate money. In addition, ministers, members of parliament, priests as well as bishops and nuns from mission countries attended the marathon to pass on their messages to the benefactors. Also, for the first time Missio Malta’s marathon included 3 national Directors from Zambia, Malawi & Zimbabue during the whole Marathon.

You can see crowdfunding for the projects supported by HOPE #MissioFest Here

Link to watch the first 8 hours of the Marathon: https://www.facebook.com/missiomalta/videos/590279518996100

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