Abseiling & Zipline Weekend


This is the fifth year that Missio Malta in collaboration with the Mosta Scout Group are organizing an Abseiling & Zipline Weekend in aid of the missions. This will take place on today Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November from 9am till 6pm at Mosta Bridge in Mosta. With the zipline reaching 100 metres in length and with the abseiling having a height of 43 metres, this truly will be an unforgetable experience for those who like adventure and are not afraid of heights. Come and join us this weekend and with a small donation you will not only be enjoying yourself, but also helping the less fortunate in Third world Countries.

With funds raised from this event and several other activities organized throughout the year, Missio Malta successfully sponsored more than 90 projects. These projects were spread in all continents and include among others, farms, schools, clinics and boreholes. Through these projects entire communities and not just individuals are benefiting.

This year Missio Malta will help projects related to education.

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