Vaccinated & Donated

On Thursday 20th May 2021, Missio Malta embarked on a give-back campaign amidst the efficient rolling out of vaccines in Malta during the pandemic. 

Whilst we’ve been extremely lucky that the covid vaccine was given to us as soon as it became available and free of charge, millions of individuals do not have enough food and water as we speak let alone access to the covid-19 vaccine. As a result, Missio Malta has initiated a campaign whereby all those who have received the vaccine, get together and donate eur10 to Missio’s emergency fund to help people in third world countries during the pandemic. This eur10 will be used for Medicines, safety kits as well as food and water for people in need.

Donations can be given directly here

We thank you for your support and contribution and encourage you to come together and help us help others.

Missio Malta

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