Dear Msgr. Borg

I, along with my people of Kfjljflajdsdks;kf;kd;sds;lds’ds’ds’su a joyous Easter season. I hope you are safe and healthy. Our world is, in many ways, unbalanced, in disarray and dysfunctional. Knowing that God loves us unconditionally and is always present, makes meeting life’s challenges a blessing. Let us keep our hope, faith and charity ever present. May the Risen Lord bless you abundantly with good health, peace of mind and all the necessary graces and blessings during this tough time. Happy Easter!

1.The Children’s Green Park is coming up beautifully.
It is a garden of around 300 plants with different trees in this mission. This allows the village children to come and play in this mission land campus any time under the trees. To have a tree in this barren land is a big thing!

2.It was a really fulfilling year with all the ups and downs in this mission. We were able to open the small church (The Holy Trinity Church), in the mission mainly for the Eunuchs, transgender and the poor. I am really edified by their faith. No wonder why Christ said: “The least will be first in the kingdom of God”

 Thanks to all my friends and donors who helped me to put up this small and beautiful edifice for God in this zero Catholic area. Our Bishop Henry came, blessed and inaugurated the new church in this mission land in the month of January.


3. Christmas celebrations were a joyful event for all those present; nearly 300 attended, amongst them Eunuchs and the poor, all felt that they were honoured and respected as human beings. It was a very meaningful celebration. Thank you for your continued support through your positive thoughts and prayers.

4.In the month of February I conducted a small free medical camp for the slum dwellers and the street people of the area. I requested St. Mary’s Hospital Sisters of Bellary City and doctors to come and conduct the free health camp for the less fortunate who cannot go to hospital due to their poverty. It was an overwhelming success. The local slum dwellers/ tent people and the daily wage labourers ask for this kind of health camp more and more.

5.In the month of March, on the day of my ordination anniversary, I called all the poor and the Eunuchs of my mission, and celebrated my priestly anniversary in a meaningful way. I conducted a one day spiritual orientation for them. The message is God loves you too! Some of the homeless were requesting to put up a small house for them so that they can stay peacefully in it when they get old. I hope the good

Lord will provide them the much needed house for the rejected people of the society through the generous donors.

Fr. Jai of Kuditini Mission.

Bellary Diocese, India.

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