“Usually, we have flooding but this is a unique disaster much bigger and in an area that we usually don’t have flooding”. Fr Vincent National Director of Missio in Malawi

Project:  Housing for Flood victims

Location: Malawi, Africa

Effects of Cyclone Freddy

– Roads broken and villages became disconnected from receiving services and food deliveries

-Internet and electricity is cut

-508,244 displaced people

-Outbursts of deadliest Cholera outbreak in recent history

Photo: OCHA/Jane Kiiru

Between January and February 2023, the southern region of Malawi and other parts of the northern region have experienced floods following heavy rains and the situation has been made worse by Cyclone Freddy which hit Malawi on 12th March 2023. Rain fell every day, and nigh. The rain that usually falls in six months fell in three days. People are destitute. They lost their loved ones, their homes, their source of food from agriculture and with broken roads and no electricity or internet most became even more marginalised and isolated.

The area affects and the size of the cyclone reflects climate change influence on these poor areas, who even if they are the least to consume material things, they are the ones who directly depend on the land for food and water supply.

However, we are all responsible for this climate change effects and therefore it is also our duty to give a helping hand with prayers and funding. Since the world ecosystems are interconnected, the pollution and consumerism generated by the capitalist countries and their effects on the climate we should also carry the responsability of the effects of climate change in a worldwide way.

Missio Malta encourages you to donate on this page to help climate change victims in Malawi

OCHA/Kiiru Jane: 18 March 2023 – A house in Sadibwa, Nkanda Traditional Authority that was destroyed by the heavy rains



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