Chen, the boy who lives at Arrupe Centre, Cambodia

Arrupe Centre

Chen’s story of Hope

Due to stepping on a landmine, Chen lost both his legs. At first it was too difficult for Chen to accept that he could no longer walk normally as before. The limitation was both physical and mental, as he began to feel a burden to his family who were already struggling financially. 

With very little money in the family, Chen’s parents embraced the opportunity that the Arrupe Centre offered; ensuring that their children received a quality education, and the chance to learn to live independently with their disabilities.

Chen’s story is not dissimilar to the stories of so many children across Cambodia.

A carefree life, spent helping family and playing with friends, changed forever in an instant as a result of landmine accidents. They are now counted among the more than 25,000 amputees recorded in Cambodia.

Thanks to Arrupe Centre, Chen is now studying IT at university and is an inspiration to children.

“I have a chance to continue my studies and work as well.

I feel like I have a new life!” Chen

Since we are in Mission Month of October, where the Church celebrates the valuable mission work and calls to raise awareness to help the most marginalised communities, Pope Francis reminds us that once we experience the power of God’s love and recognise his fatherly presence in our personal and community life:


Acts 4:20

The good things we have received in life, we ought to share them with those less fortunate.

This Mission Month is your opportunity to share with disabled children in Arrupe Centre in Cambodia and their valuable work in supporting children who have been disabled through landmines or diseases such as polio and cancer.

Thanks to Arrupe Centre and YOUR support, their futures are being shaped with a sense of hope by restoring the dignity of all children who call the centre home


Missionary Day will be celebrated on Sunday 24th October 2021 in various Churches around Malta & Gozo.


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