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#HopeMissiofest 2021

13 March 2021 @ 12:00 am 12:01 am


Help empower people with disability like Dara.

One of the centres aided by Missio is Arrupe Centre in Battambong, Cambodia. This centre offers help to those children and youths believe in themselves and build a future for themselves. Besides shelter, food and medical assistance, Arrupe Center offers love, investment in education as well as career opportunities to those who would like to avail of such opportunities.

One of the children who’s currently residing at Arrupe Centre is Dara, a 13‑year old boy from the North Western part of Cambodia. Dara used to lead normal life like other children his age; playing around with his friends, innocent and full of energy! All this, however, changed when Dara picked up something from the grounds right next to his home. What Dara could have never predicted was that the strange thing he picked up from the grounds was an explosive, which exploded in his hand, costing him his hands and most of his eyesight. This is, indeed, very common in Cambodia where such occurrences exceed a total of 25,000 incidents. Dara’s parents were concerned about their son’s future and they knew that they could never afford the help their son needed. Thankfully, Arrupe Center heard about the incident, approached them and offered their son all the help he required so that he could lead a good, independent life. 

Dara has a positive future awaiting him but he needs someone to be there for him and to guide him so that he feels even more capable and empowered. Through Arrupe Centre, the dreams of Dara and other vulnerable children in his same situation can be made possible. However, a Centre like Arrupe Centre is completely dependent upon our support and generosity.

During Missio Malta’s marathon #Hope Missiofest happening on Saturday, the 13th March, you can make a difference in Dara’s life and that of other children facing the same difficulties. Every donation, via post, SMS, telephone call or presented in person is very much appreciated. For more information you can call 2123 6962, info@missio.org.mt,visit www.missio.org.mt or find us in Facebook.


Bulilding a safer, healthier and adequate housing for flood victims and other poor families in Chikwawa, Malawi.

Construction of dwelling houses for flood victims and other poor families in Chikwawa, Malawi.

Recently, Missio has been approached with the commissioning of a new concept: a pilot project related to the construction of dwelling house for flood victims in Malawi and other poor families that are always in danger during rainy seasons. In early March 2019, the floods in Malawi resulted in serious devastation of dwelling houses of many people and nearly 60 people died due to the falls. Walls of the majority of locals’ muddy houses were swept by the running water of the floods, leaving many people homeless seeking shelter in schools and churches. Some of these people have been relocated to up lands and be given land to build houses. Most of them lost all their property (farm land, crops, food and livestock) and need support to build their houses and start improving their livelihoods so that they can live a dignified life.

Missio intends to help these families and invest in a Missio Village housing project in Malawi. The pilot project is phased in different stages over five years; building a maximum of four houses per year and providing agricultural means for locals. At the end of the five years, the families will benefit from a small Missio Village of twenty houses with five boreholes in the Missio Village.  The ultimate aim is to provide dignified shelter for the twenty families and provide agricultural means for their livelihoods through provision of farm inputs for winter farming and for animal farming. Following the successful completion of the pilot study, which will approx. cost €250,000, the project can also be mirrored and implemented in other Dioceses, namely Karonga, Dedza, Mangochi, Lilongwe, Zomba and Blantyre that equally have the same problem of houses.

More information will be given during Missio Malta’s marathon Hope #missiofest happening on Saturday 13th March on all local t.v. stations between noon and midnight, where your organization can really make a difference in the lives of locals in Malawi. Every donation is very much appreciated and on behalf of the locals affected by the flooding, we thank you in advance.

For more information feel free to contact Missio on 2123 6962, info@missio.org.mt or find us on facebook. Click the image below to download flier.