Missio Tfal at Chiswich School

‘You can always give something even if it is only kindness’.- Anne Frank

This is the quote was an opening statement by Ms Fenech Adami in one of the Chiswick school assembly in January where I, as Missio Tfal Coordinator was invited to. 

Ms Audrey Fenech Adami, the head of school, explained that in November 2022 they celebrated ‘Children’s Day’, which is a day where Children’s Rights are promoted. It is stated that each child in the world should have access to food and education. Ms Fenech Adami explained that not all children in the world have enough food and enough money to go to school and to help in supporting children she promoted and encouraged fundraising Christmas activities to be organised by the school. 

This activity involved all the school and one class was creative enough to organise a best soft toy sale where the students in this class offered their best soft toy to be sold to other children from school. Others organised a cake sale, plant sale and other activities that summed up into a very generous amount that will sponsor two children’s education and the rest of the amount to go towards Ethiopia’s Farm in Emdibir.

On the other hand, Rafiki, being a macaw parrot, shared his experience of when he flies over missionary countries. He has seen children that had no school, sitting under trees, with just a paper and a pencil to write with. He also went to countries where they had schools, but with only one class that was made up of more than eighty children, mixed ages and abilities with only one teacher. So he thanked them for their generous contribution.

After we saw the feature about Emdibir and the farm that was being built, I explained that in missionary countries, children like themselves had goats, chickens, and cows as pets. I asked why they didn’t have pets like a dog or a cat? they told me that chickens gave them eggs, cows and goats gave them milk. We wanted to make them aware that in some countries, they did not even afford to have those animals at home so Fr Habte built this farm, not only to help the village but also the neighbouring villages to produce cheese, the clinic by the distribution of milk and also the families that work at the farm. 

I concluded that children are not numbers, they really can change the world. I congratulated them that with their efforts they helped 2 children in Africa to be able to go to school and through education have a better chance to get out of poverty. We thanked the children wholeheartedly that they also supported the farm they helped in feeding a village community 

We would like to thank Ms Audrey Fenech Adami, all the teachers and staff who helped in these activities, the parents and students for their support. They did not only give kindness, but with their contribution they gave life to many, many people.

Written by Missio Tfal Coordinator Nancy Camilleri

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