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The Procession of Santo Nino

Missio Malta group to be travelling to the Philippines in early February

On January 15, St Anne parish church, in Marsascala, celebrated the feast of Santo Niño, a traditional Filipino feast celebrating the early years of Jesus.

At 10.30am, there was a procession, that also is a remembrance of the entrance of Christianity to the Philippines by the Spaniards, with the statue of Santo Niño (Child Jesus), followed by mass in English at the parish church. Afterwards, there was a small programme of activities, which includes traditional food and dance by the Filipino community.

During the event, the work carried out by Missio Malta in the Philippines was showcased including an eco farm which will have new water supply structures being installed.

A group of missionaries will be travelling to the Philippines in early February, where present for Santo Nino to animate the Sunday masses, to offer coffees, teas and cakes against donations where all proceeds will go towards the farming community. eco-agricultural project and help in the reconstruction of a missionary home that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 2021.

The group of 11 Maltese led by Fr Victor Agius, a missionary priest himself who lived in the Philippines for around 40 years will be going for a missionary experience in Tagaytay and Mindoro island where the indigenous people, the Magnans, live. These were taken advantage in many ways throughout history by colonisers, by mainland people and in modern times by logging companies. The group representing Missio Malta will be encountering them to see how they can be supported.

You are welcome to donate so together we support the Philippines community in Tagaytag who are trying to recuperate from the volcano eruption and typhoons.

The Philippines community in Tagaytay that will be supporting through the farm

Donations are welcome on the button below

Missio Malta volunteers who will be going to Philippines in February 2023 with Santo Nino participants
Missio Malta volunteers helping out at Santo Nino feast for fundraising for the farm
Missio Malta volunteers who will be going to Philippines in February 2023

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Santo Nino by Philippine Community in Marsaskala

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