Ġrajjiet: Minn fomm missjunarji Maltin u Għawdxin

Press release: MissioG/05/2018E 

To: All Media From: Robert Farrugia – Head Communications & Fundraising Date: 25th May 2018 

Title: Press Release – ‘Ġrajjiet: Minn fomm missjunarji Maltin u Għawdxin’. 

“… I could not stand up, and I could feel blood coming out of the wound. I continued to wait and I prayed to God and to my Mother the Virgin Mary. I believe that prayers are effective” 

Mons. Bishop Joe Alessandro O.F.M. Cap. 

“ …I felt my biggest hearthache when I found myself facing children practising forced child labour. It is only natural that the children live the life of children, through play and wandering about with other children. But what seems normal for many countries is not normal for many others”

Sr. Nathalie Abela, Missionary sisters of Charity 

These are glimpses from the stories collected by Missio these last two years to publish the book ‘Grajjiet’. This book, containing evangelisation, social and educational illustrated stories of Maltese missionaries. These missionaries include bishops, fathers, sisters and lay missionaries, who spent many years in the missions. The role of this book is to document all their experiences and as Mons. Salvinu Micallef, who was the director of Missio Malta for a number of years, stated 

“this book is a golden opportunity  because the missionaries and their stories remind us of what Faith was and is still capable of carrying out in our country. They inspire the Church in Malta and Gozo to continue living the missionary eagerness, both in far away countries and in our homeland. Apart from this, similar writings may continue to kindle the Missionary love so much at heart in our people”

During Dun Micallef visits, he met many of these Maltese missionaries and the fruition of their work, 50 stories, is a good contribution that Malta donated to humanity worldwide, hence the title of the book: “Ġrajjiet: Minn fomm missjunarji Maltin u Ghawdxin” 

Mr Charles Buttigieg was a great help in its publication. This book was launched during a press conference held in the Archbishop’s Curia. Mons. Salvinu Micallef concluded in stating: “today I appreciate, feel more proud and happy that I am Maltese since I saw living witness of the big contribution that Malta and Gozo donated to humanity through the missionaries and donations sent to the missions. No wonder that in the history of the Pontifical Missionary Societies in Rome, Malta is considered a leading example for its contribution in the Church’s missionary work”.  For more information contact: Robert Farrugia mob: 99137373 or email: robert@missio.org.mt

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