Press Release – For Web CEME

Press release: Missio/18/101

To: All Media

From: Robert Farrugia – Head Communications & Fundraising

Date: 24th April 2018

Title: Konferenza mil-Isqof Emeritus Walter M. Ebejer

This year’s’ CEME is being held in Malta from the 22nd April till the 25th April. The theme for this year is Children living together in a common world – on the traces of St Paul. The group from 19 European countries, including Malta, will discuss Holy Childhood (children helping children groups) with Deacon Kaare Nielson, the National Director of Denmark. Child spirituality as a basis for Holy Childhood Groups (children helping children groups) will be delivered by Prof. Adrian Gellel, professor in Child Spirituality and lecturer in University of Malta. 

The group representatives from different countries will have a demonstration with the participation of children at the Cathedral’s Museum followed by workshops and exchange and sharing of materials, presentations and resources will take place in language groups. The aim of the workshops is to discuss and elicit diverse ways how children can experience the love of God, through the word of God, in their lives. In this way, by having the right spirit in their heart, children will become a catalyst for a better positive change in the world and be a sign of hope for children suffering in other parts of the world. 

During this CEME meeting the members will also be participating in the Pauline pilgrimage on the island of Malta based on the footsteps of St Paul. The CEME will end with an election for the hosting country for the next CEME 2020.

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