House in Malawi

In Malawi a house was constructed with the support of Missio Malta beneficiaries. Below is a letter from the missionary priest in Malawi to Missio Malta director Mons. Valentino Borg.


Dear Msgr Valent,

I am sending you the pictures of the house being restored. We are still dealing with the first house of Grace Nyondo. We realized that she had no toilet and bathroom, so we also constructed a bathroom and pitlatrine (toilet) which also cost some money, because for the pitlatrine, as you will see from the pictures, we had to dig the pit and start building it down from the pit. We hope that by next week the builder will finish the work. 

Father Lazarus has passed me the mass stipends, which I thank you for. We are always grateful for your support and you hold a special place in our daily prayers.

May God bless you.

Father Joseph Sikwese

St Martin De Porres Parish Priest ‑ Malawi 

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