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Press Release – 14th October 2021

The month of October is annually dedicated to the missions. Mission Monthstarts with “1st of October which was the feast of Saint Therese of Lisieux, the patron of missions and the second last Sunday is World Mission Sunday. This is an opportunity to pay special attention to the importance of sharing faith in mission.” (Msgr. Valentino Borg, National Director of Missio Malta). 

The message that Pope Francis chose for this year is inspired from the biblical scripture ACTS 4:20 ‘We cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard’ (Acts 4:20). 

“This makes us first try to understand how we can be witnesses to the Gospel and how we can be prophets of God. The love of God that we see so beautiful in Jesus, is not words in the air but is a concrete love”, (Dun Victor Agius, Assistant Director Missio Malta) where we as disciples and testimonials of this love, are all called to be missionaries, to spread this love of Jesus to others by speaking of what we have heard in the Gospels. Pope Francis tells us: “… let us marvel, be amazed, and above all dream. Dream! Dreaming of a world we haven’t seen before. Because beautiful things are born of good visions that start with the dreams of some people. Live, Love, Dream, Believe! ” 

Sunday the 24th October is a day when the Holy Father appeals to us all for to spread Jesus love to our bothers and sisters in overseas missionaries to support both the spiritual and financial overseas missionaries. Missio Malta as the official missionary arm of the Holy See,  and the Church are inviting everyone to help those in need. During the month of October Missio Malta will be spreading this message by visiting schools, parishes for mission animation in communities. On Mission Sunday the 24th of October, mass will be celebrated and can be viewed on TVM at 09:30am. 

This year’s proceeds will help Arrupe Centre in Cambodia where children canbe given specific care needed from landmine accidents, which are verycommon in the region. 

From 1975 to 1979, the country went through great suffering due to the civil war. During the 1970s and 1980s, millions of landmines were planted in Cambodia to explode when stepped on. Up to ten million hidden landmines remain today. Despite efforts for more than 20 years to get rid of these landmines, it is still estimated that there are over 3 million landmines and other weapons buried across the country, with about 100 accidents and casualties occurring every year. 

The Church in Cambodia has a very important role to play. Bishop Kike and his team have opened a home, the Arrupe Centre, for children with disabilities caused by these landmines or diseases such as polio and cancer. 

Missio will be at the service of the Church in Malta and Gozo, providing expertise, materials and support to both dioceses. As the Pope’s official charity for overseas mission, Missio enables Catholics in Malta and Gozo to live out the call they received at baptism: to share in the Church’s universal mission.

Each prayer and each donation, big or small, are appreciated. 

For more information, resource materials for your schools or parishes or to make a donation, visit the website or call on 2123 6962.

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