Missio Malta Impact in orphanage in Munugode India

Missio Malta Impact in orphanage in Munugode India: 

  • Renovate the orphanage roof of the building, walls,  
  • Installation of new electricity system
  • Renovating orphanage windows and doors
  • Repairing the flooring and 
  • Repairing the 22 toilets to accommodate children in the orphanage
  • Installing the computer Lab.

Missio Malta supported the St Bassiano Orphanage in Kammagudem whic is a Hamlet in Munugode, India. 

The orphanage was founded by the Italian Missionary Rev. Fr. Carlo Bonvini who looking at the poverty and pathetic conditions of the people in surrounding areas, started the first orphanage in the year 1972. Since then the orphanage educated and gave dignity, respect and a bright future to thousands of orphans, unwanted children of the locality and helped them stand on their feet. The orphanage held up to 700 orphans. The Franciscan missionary sisters where taking care of the girls and food section of the orphanage. 

Since a few years the orphanage wasn’t getting any financial support. Due to this the building was in bad shape, with leaking roof, damaged floor and doors that need repair. 

The wash basin area, bathing water tubs and toilets needed to be repaired. The kitchen needed renovation, kitchen utensils to be purchased. As part of Missio work, the building itself was renovated including new electricity lines, computer lab and a borehole drilled for fresh water supply. Photos show the before and after of this project.

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