Tuktuk Mobile School Project

In the poorest communities of Cambodia in Asia, children are always the most vulnerable, with parents living long hours to have basic lifestyle and with no schooling children end up in the streets, or taking care of their younger siblings or working long hours to help the family with food. 

Missio Malta supported the purchase and building of tuk tuk in Cambodia which is a mobile school that due to its wheels can go around in different villages to reach as many children in remote areas as possible. Even if for us, the mobile school might look simple, for chilren in Cambodia it is a hope for a life away from prostitution, drugs and being the victims of human trafficking. Sr Eulie and other nuns in the congregation ‘Children of Charity’, together with a number of teachers are working to provide education to cambodian children. With help of Missio, these nuns created an education system thanks to the ‘TukTuk’ mobile school. These nuns are going to remote areas and reaching children, who because of the danger of being out on the streets where obliged to stay indoors locked in their houses.  

Thanks to the sisters, Missio sponsors through the tuk tuk, children in remote villages can have healthy food, books and educational toys keeping the children safe from the street life and giving them education for a brighter future.

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