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Diocese of Hyderabad opens its first Minor Seminary

In May 2021, the diocese of Hyderabad in Southern Pakistan, started building the first minor Seminary of St Bonaventure with the help of Pontifical Mission Societies ‘Missio in Austria’, other partners and efforts from the community. The construction work was financed and completed and the Rector of the new seminary, Fr Tariq Talib, emphasizes: 

“This new seminary will be a home for young men who are on the path of discernment for their priestly vocation. We have 16 seminarians in their first, second and third year studies”[1]

The inauguration and blessing of the new minor Seminary took place on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption, on August 15th 2022 where more than 300 priests, religious, seminarians and lay people from the Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad attended.

Speaking specifically to seminarians and priests, the Archbishop said: 

“The formation of seminarians is very close to my heart. Be humble like our Mother Mary. God loves humble people because they are willing to accept His will. Trust in him and his teachings to be witnesses of God, like our mother of God Mary”[2].

The formation of the seminarians will be related to the diverse nature of the Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad which includes 16 parishes with a total of over 52,000 Catholics where most belong to different cultures, tribes and ethnic groups who speak different languages such as Urdu, Sindhi amongst other local languages. 

Missio Malta, as part of the Pontifical Mission Societies, supports the formation of seminarians around the world. 

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