Missio Malta, together with your help as a sponsor, contributes towards The Society of St. Peter Apostle (SPA) which channels help from Missio Malta to the Church overseas, in mission dioceses most in need. It supports the religious and spiritual formation of priests and pastoral workers together with providing support for the basic requirements needed in the seminary including food and shelter to those joining religious life in the mission countries.

Missio Malta reaches out to help indigenous Church leaders, since they are the ones who can truly evaluate the richness of their own culture and traditions within their local communities. Being local, they are in a unique position to preach the gospel in an effective way to their own particular local culture.

The students in the seminary pray for all sponsors and, should the sponsors wish to, they can correspond with the student through letters.

If you would like to become a sponsor there are various ways how you can contribute:

€2,400You will be the sole sponsor of the seminarian
€600You with be with other 4 benefactors helping out for the formation of the seminarian
€480You with be with other 5 benefactors helping out for the formation of the seminarian
€200Contribute towards the maintenance and upkeep of seminaries.
Choose an amountTogether with other sponsors you will be assisting the seminaries with their formation and daily expenses.

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