Continuous Support for Ethiopia…

…To Combat the affects of drought

News from Agenzia Fides states that Fr Brian Lucas, the director of Catholic Mission, the national direction of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) in Australia, focused on the issues of drought in Ethiopia and said: 

“The generosity we have witnessed in recent weeks has been a blessing. The donations will support our projects around the world and help families in need”[1].

The Catholic Mission and Missio Malta, which are both part of the Pontifical Mission Societies, have been focusing on development projects in Ethiopia, specifically in areas which has been severely affected by a drought and which has caused economic difficulties to families already on the poverty line.

“The consequences of the drought have been devastating in rural areas, especially in Emdibir, where 70% of families are unable to put food on the table”[2],

explains Fr Lucas in a correspondence sent to Fides.

In collaboration with the Church of Ethiopia and by accompanying the local community of Emdibir in its needs, the Catholic mission strives to provide the community with an opportunity for agricultural development through creating a goat farm.

Missio Malta is also supporting agricultural project in Ethiopia to fight malnutrition,

“which is the cause of 50% of deaths of children in the region”[3]

Missio Malta together with your help supporting the Franciscan sisters in the BushuloCommunity Garden having its aim to educate the community with agricultural practices and also with providing nutritious fresh food both in quality and in quantity.

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