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The Albinos of Arusha

In certain parts of Africa, albinos still suffer great injustice, and in some cases, their lives are in real danger due to old fashioned superstitions.

A school in Arusha, has lovingly opened its doors wide for five albino children. The school is run by the local church, which is openly protecting these children as it provides them with an education like any other children. The aim is to destroy the stigma, as they are treated just like all other children.

As a result of their condition, the albinos are constantly at risk of sunburn, in fact they constantly need to be protected by means of large hats and other protective gear even if they are in their tents.

The church also provides these children with the necessary sunblock, and anything they need, so they will be able to live dignified lives, while they integrate with other children.

From a young age, all children in the school learn to integrate, and play together, bringing down boundaries and social stigma.

The Bishop of Arusha believes this is the only way the hurtful mentality can change. As this generation will grow together, they will understand each other more, and the fear will become a thing of the past.

The dream is to have many more classes like this one, in many other places, in order to reach and protect many more albino children who might be in danger due to their conditions.



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