Fanileti in Malawi

Story: Fanileti who lost her house in Typhoon

Location: Malawi

Sector:  Housing

Fanileti Nangwale, from Chikwawa, Malawi, is an albino mother of five.

Years ago she was burnt by some people who believe that albinos are a curse. Fanileti lives every single day in pain because of the burns she has suffered which also developed skin cancer. Ideally, she stays indoors away from the sun, but the she has to go out to work in the fields to support her children.

Apart from these challenges, Fanileti and many other families have recently lost their homes due to flooding.

The family is currently living in a shack and they do not have enough food or other necessities.

Missio is already helping Fanileti and can continue to do so to build their homes with YOUR help.

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