Chaos and Mass Exodus and rising Deaths amidst coronavirus in India

Developed countries, despite the strong health care systems, have been hit hard by COVID-19 especially neighbouring countries such as Italy, Spain, UK. The lockdown has had enormous costs in developing communities, where having basic health care, they already struggle. For families in poverty who have few or no savings and cannot afford to stockpile food and other necessities means a break in income and missing work directly related to missing meals and dying of starvation. 

At present, now in June 2021 , whilst you are reading this, terrifying 2nd wave Covid crosses India where their health care system cannot cope with the flow, nurses and volunteers are very tired but it is not the time for rest. People are fending for themselves, waiting for long hours in queue for some oxygen, they cannot rely on the state for hospitalisation, people are in critical condition and overwhelmed.

In Dehli the capital of India, you are never far from heartbreak, everyone in the city has been visited by grieve, and the dead are piling up. Few weeks ago they were cremating 7 to 8 people a day, at present in half a day, the numbers being cremated go as high as 55 bodies. The crematorium is forced to expand.

Apart from COVID-19, India has experienced in the last weeks a 6.2 Earthquake and a Typhoon, strong winds that broke many houses.

You can make a Difference – In Financial Support

We can together make a difference to help our brothers and sisters in India, who have their 2nd Indian Covid variant. Emergency is being sent from many countries with the help of World Health Organisation (WHO). We can be part of this support to finance their masks, oxygen, sanitisers and protective wear by giving any amount that you wish you share with others. No gift and amount is too small!

We can also help by keeping them in our prayers.

You can make a Difference – Through prayer

Prayer to help those suffering with COVID-19 in India and other places around the World.

Eternal Father we ask you in the name of Jesus who tells us : “Whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you”, we therefore ask you the gift of the Holy Spirit to those who are in a position that can help the people of India especially in this particular situation of the Covid pandemic. We ask you this for the glory of Jesus who on the cross wanted to carry on himself all our sins and miseries. Mary, our mother we entrust to our prayer to your motherly care. 


While so many are suffering, we remember and reach out to those who may have no one to care for them, thus showing forth the love of God the Father”.

Archbishop Dal Toso

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