The location and its challenges

For rural communities in Zambia, the provision of clean and safe water for domestic use remains a very serious challenge. Humans depend on water that collects in shallow wells during rainy season from which domestic and wild animals also drink. This has led to serious water borne illnesses significantly affecting children including diarrhea cases and dehydration. 

On the other hand, during the dry season, women and girls walk unbearable distances in search of water for home consumption. This has a very negative impact on the well-being of women, who have other demanding chores to attend to such as farming and children affected the school attendance since they use their time to fetch water.

Local Contribution and how we can help

The Lumezi parish has take the initiative to construct 2 boreholes which will provide water to 2 villages Kachunga and Luamphamba. The community These farmers have also created a revolving fund that would ensure that other communities can have access to clean drinking water. Each farmer will contribute a total of €97.00 annually from the proceeds of the irrigation farming initiative. These resources will be used to drill boreholes in other needy communities while maintaining existing ones. 

Planned Activities:2 boreholes
Finance: Total Project:€6,552.62
Funding Required€6,553.62 for 2 villages
Local Contribution€79 per farmer in community for new boreholes

Expected Results:

  • Access to clean and safe drinking water =Reduction of waterborne diseases
  • Water for irrigation in agriculture & improved food security & nutrition
  • Less burnouts for women and increased children school attendance
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