Franciscan Missionaries of Mary created a Community Garden to provide healthy nutritious food and agriculture training to families in Ethiopia

Project:  Tackling Malnutrition and food insecurity through Community Gardening

Location: Bushulo Health Centre, Hawassa city, Ethiopia

Women working the land at the Franciscans sisters

In Ethiopia, food insecurity is a main issue due to drought, therefore having dry soils which are unable to produce, having small land for each family which makes it insufficient to produce enough food for the family resulting in malnutrition children.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary know that malnutrition is an ever present challenge in Ethiopia especially in Hawassa. However, they take on the challenge to create the Community Garden created the nutrition programme of Bushulo Health Centre. It provides not only food to poor people but also give them tools, training and knowledge about nutrition and teach them skills for growing their own food.

Donate on this page to help families with growing food and to be trained in agriculture!



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