A group of Maltese people representing Missio, having various professions ranging from architecture, engineer, carer, hairdresser, nutrition professor amongst others, will be visiting the Philippines in February led by a missionary priest, Fr Victor Agius, who resided in the Tagaytay for around 40 years.  

Missio Malta together with the group will be supporting an eco farm project and the maintenance of a seminary house which were damaged with the volcanoe eruption and typhoon.  

Due to extreme weather conditions, a balanced water supply is hard to maintain in the farm, and thus food supply is not constant for the locals. With your generous donations, the eco farm can be upgraded to have sturdy structures and to provide the tools necessary to have water systems which supply constant and balanced water supply. This will ensure a more balanced distribution of food and the provision of healthy and nutritious food to the locals and communities.  

Eco Farm in Tagaytay

The other project, will support the maintenance of the formation house which was damaged by the Typhoon in 2021. It is a centre for the formation of seminarians and laypeople in Asia that will support them in their spiritual growth and journey.   

Image 1: Effects of the Typhoon in Tagaytay on the Formation House
Image 2: Effects of the Typhoon in Tagaytay on the Formation House

Moreover, the group will visit Mindoro island where the indigenous people, the Magnans, live. These were taken advantage of in many ways throughout history by colonisers, by mainland people and in modern times by logging companies who took their land for profit making logging activities. The group representing Missio Malta will be encountering them to see how they can be further supported.

The group have already been briefed in an online session directly, Mimo Perez, who represents the Magnans. They were informed as to how best to meet the indigenous groups in a missionary way in order to respect their culture and way of life.

Online session with Mimo Perez
The group will be visiting the Philippines supporting the local feast of Santo Nino. All proceeds went towards the farm.

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