Child Sponsorship at a Glance

You can support child sponsorship and give dignity and brighter future to children!

You can choose one of the following donations: 

  1. €150 one time donation to support orphanages 
  2. €150 per year for 10 years to support children until they reach compulsory level of education (you will receive letters and/or drawings and photos from your sponsored child) 
  3. €1500 one time sponsorship supporting 10 years of education at one go (you will receive letters/or drawings and photos from your sponsored child) 

You can fill in the form on the right hand side to support children education and MissioMalta will get in touch with you to guide you through the steps after payment or read below for more information about the child sponsorship or frequently asked questions!

The Reality: The Need is Great Poverty victimises children due to:

  • Child Labour: There are around 73 million children working under age, forcing them to grow too quickly 
  • Early Child Marriages 
  • Hunger: linked to nearly one-third of all child deaths worldwide (UNICEF, 2010) 
  • High rate of Illiteracy: No School = no proper jobs. About 67 million of the world’s primary children of primary school age are not enrolled in school (UNESCO, 2011)

“Whoever welcomes a child like this in my name welcomes me”

(Matthew 18:5)

The Impact of Child Sponsorship

How can we solve the present reality in poor communities and integrate marginalised and abandoned children back in society?

Through Missio Child sponsorship, with €12.50 a month, you are sowing a seed today which will grow into a larger exponential impact on society tomorrow.

  • The orphans of today, when educated, are the nurses, engineers, teachers of tomorrow’s society. They are the support structure of future families, poor communities and society at large.
  • Your contribution to Missio Child Sponsorship is critical in helping us address and respond to root causes of poverty and injustice through long-term partnerships with communities, orphanages and families

Why Choose Missio for Child sponsorship?

  • Community Reach; Missio establishes long term relations with missionaries, orphanages to ensure continuous education for each child.
  • Holistic Wellbeing. You will support child schooling. Missionaries will ensure holistic education addressing spiritual, emotional needs of orphans too.
  • Inclusive despite religion, race or creed.

How Does Child Sponsorship Work?


Missio works with missionaries and orphanages. Missionaries are based in Africa and Asia. Missio and you as a sponsor, supports child education, missionaries and communities supports in accomodation and health.


To ensure a sustainable long term continuous education for the children that will lead them to at least the compulsory level of education, we allocate one child to each sponsor over a period of 10 years.


Receive Welcome kit, including:

  • A certificate signed from Missio director
  • Photo and information about your sponsored child


Missio will send you:

  • Drawings and letters from sponsored child
  • School exam results


Connecting children in your family as pen friends will:

  • Educate them about children in need in poor areas
  • Increase gratitude of how fortunate we are
  • Increase altruism and helping one another

Meet Laxmie – An Indian Orphan

Laxmie is a young Indian girl from south India. From a very young age she lost both her  parents and she does not remember them.  She ended up as an orphan with nowhere to stay, looking for food in the bins. She is unaware of her age, or when her birthday is. 

There was a poor family who barely had food for themselves and their hut of this poor family is very bare, with lack of basic necessities such as toilet, shower, no beds and no front door. Despite this, from their nothing, they gave her shelter and food. 

Fr Thanaia, one of the missionaries collaborating with Missio, got to know about Laxmie and welcomed the orphan in the orphanage he had built as part of the Missio child sponsorship.  Thanks to the collaboration of Fr Thanaia hospitality, Missio Malta and Maltese sponsors, Laxmie now has the basic needs of proper shelter with showers, food, clean clothes and education, giving her hope for a brighter and independent future.

Want to know more? – Child Sponsorship FAQs

Child sponsorship is a way of giving that connects one compassionate person (like you!) with one child in need. Your sponsorship will give the child the chance to grow up educated and safe – forever changing the course of her life and future. And you just might find that it changes you, too.

Child sponsorship is a way of giving that connects one compassionate person (the sponsor!) with a child in need through Missio. For just €12.50 a month, (€150 a year) you can sponsor a child in need for his basic education in developing countries such as India and countries in Africa.

It is about cooperating together to help children in need, giving them the means for education and a hope for a brighter future! 

Below are simple steps to follow: 

  1. You can get in touch with a Missio representative by 
  1. Missio representative will send you an application form, including preference of payment, to fill and send back and a sheet with FAQ’s which are here below. 
  2. After you as the sponsor settle the first payment, a welcome pack and a payment receipt will be sent to you from Missio.

Missio is an international organisation established 86 years ago and present in over 160 countries.  Missio envisions a world without injustice and barriers where everyone can grow sustainably and live in full dignity. To make this vision a reality, we use your support to build schools, provide educational materials, create sustainable food programs and provide hope to communities in developing countries. As per regards child sponsorships, Missio Malta has direct communication with the person responsible for the child’s education and we keep communication via various media including phone, email and sometimes meet the individual personally through projects in their home country or Malta.

Step 1: The beginning 

Sponsorship starts with assistance and explanations of the programme from Missio representative at Missio Malta office both in Valletta and/or Mosta. A Missio representative will guide you through the sponsorship process.

Step 2: Welcome to sponsorship

Missio Office will send you a welcome kit, including: 

  • A certificate signed from Missio director
  • A frame with a photo of the child you will be sponsoring and other information about your sponsored child including details such as name, surname, age, his family background and hobbies!

Step 3: Watch your child progress by receiving drawings and school exam results! 

Every year Missio office will be in touch with you to: 

  • Review the progress of the child’s education performance. You will be receiving their academic report from their school. 
  • Show you how the child is doing, where the child will be sending you a letter and/or drawing from him

This will make you experience the true joy of helping a child’s life and future by receiving the child’s own communication. 

It could also be a way to educate children in your family about children in need in developing areas with the effect of: 

  • increasing gratitude of what one has in Malta and altruism towards those less fortunate, 
  • the concept of growing helping one another, 
  • connect as penfriends

Missio representative will be available all year round to assist you in your queries, however you will receive communication from your child, twice a year. 

  • 1st time: will be around Christmas time where you will receive a letter from the child and Christmas card from Missio office. 

2nd time: you will be contacted at the end of the child’s scholastic year with their school report including their academic results to see how they are performing at school. The time when this will be sent depends on the start and end of the scholastic year of the school.

The giving goes for children’s education through Missio network and contacts of missionaries who are responsible for the children’s academic life in school and orphanage.

Yes, Missio Malta will handle this a case by case basis. The sponsor would need to send a letter with the reasons of stopping the child sponsorship and having been discussed with a Missio representative, another sponsor will be found for the child. A letter/email will be sent from Missio to reflect the change in sponsor.

Yes, in that case Missio Malta will support the sponsor and his family to continue child sponsorship.

The supply of children that Missio has depends on the need and requests sent from developing countries; at the moment mainly India and Africa. However, a Missio representative will discuss with you to see if you prefer a boy or a girl and the age the child will have when sponsored.

Education is usually for 10 years up until the child is 16 years. However, there are cases when less than 10 years is required depending on the child’s age and possible situation of the sponsor. Missio representative tries as much as possible to match the sponsor requirements with the child profile, when possible.

Payment can be made through: 

  • a cheque sent to Missio Malta office having address, 7, Merchant str, Valletta, VLT 1171 
  • or through the website 
  • or through bank transfer with the following details:

C:\Users\Sarah\Desktop\Kif_Tista_tghin (00000002).jpg

  • Visit Missio Office in Valletta or Mosta

Yes, a receipt will be sent to you by post or by email after Missio receives sponsorships.

Yes, you can sponsor more than one child and Missio representative will follow through to guide you in the process.

Yes, you can give a one-time donation by the following: 

  • €2.33 donation by sending a message on 50617374
  • €6.99 donation by sending a message on 50618820

Telephone Donation 

  • €10 – 5160 2062
  • €15 – 5170 2063
  • €25- 5180 2064
  • €50- 5190 2061 

To sponsor a child please complete the application form and a Missio representative will get in touch with you.

Contact us on 21236962, through email or on Missio website 

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