MissioMalta is responding to an urgent call for help from its mission partners in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary who are desperately trying to support refugees fleeing the Ukrainian border.

“With tears in her eyes, she told me that the men from 18 years above are taken in the war, and maybe their house is destroyed. It is a lot of pain (for the refugees). If you ask them something, they start to cry,”

Rev. Eugen Blaj, National Director, PMS Romania

Fr Eugen, the director of Missio Romania said “The majority are women with children, trying to save their life from the war. In Romania and Poland the refugee centres are crowded. The local parishioners are doing what they can to provide mattresses, food, nappies and basic sanitary items”.

In Poland, at the PMS chapel they pray for world peace.

We can join them by praying below:

Ways You can Help:

1. Pray for Ukraine as below:

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us sinners.

Lord Jesus, born under the bombs of Kyiv, have mercy on us.

Lord Jesus bless and protect all the children who are living under the bombs, who see this terrible war, who have no food, who must flee, leaving home, everything.

Together we pray to Our Lady to protect them.”  Pope Francis

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